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Case Study: Elevating Mental Health: A Strategic Partnership


Despite a values-based commitment to mental health through existing resources like EAP, a multinational entertainment company lacked a structured approach to create, integrate, measure, and sustain a comprehensive Mental Health Strategy.


Engaged a Fractional Chief Mental Health Officer (FCMHO) to establish an ongoing internal partnership grounded in organizational mental health expertise.

  • Collaborated with the FCMHO to create a robust and tailored mental health strategy that is aligned with organizational goals.
  • The FCMHO led a benchmarking audit to evaluate the current state of psychological safety
  • The FCMHO curated targeted training programs to address specific organizational needs and foster a culture of understanding and support, including MHFA, MHPI and II.
  • The FCMHO provided expert guidance and support for all mental health-related change initiatives.
  • The FCMHO provided ad hoc coaching and non-clinical counselling support for leadership and employees, providing additional support layers.
  • The FCMHO brought specialized knowledge and experience, guiding the company towards a holistic mental health approach.
  • The FCMHO was pivotal in developing a comprehensive Mental Health Strategic Framework and supported the cross-functional implementation. The ongoing partnership ensured continued development, measurement, and refinement of the Mental Health Strategy.
  • Curated training programs addressed specific organizational needs, promoting understanding and support efficiently and effectively.
  • The FCMHO’s support ensured the successful integration of mental health-related changes and organizational challenges. The collaborative efforts led to a positive shift in the company’s culture, promoting and role-modelling mental well-being as a core value.
  • Coaching and non-clinical counselling services added personalized support layers for leadership and employees.

By engaging a Fractional Chief Mental Health Officer, the company established a comprehensive Mental Health Strategy and ensured ongoing development, measurement, and sustainability. This strategic partnership marked a significant step towards fostering a mentally healthy and supportive workplace culture and actively demonstrating its brand commitment.

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