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Integrated Mental Health Solutions

Learn how to use these tools to create and sustain workplace psychological safety.

Content is everywhere. Context is everything.

You can find mental health information everywhere, from credible to dubious and everything in between. Turning evidence-based knowledge into sustained behaviour and cultural norms is usually the missing link. 

We help you activate, integrate, measure, and sustain meaningful mental health strategies.

Graphic: Your Workplace Mental Health Strategy Toolkit

Wherever you are on the mental health journey, we’ve got tools to support you and your teams.

Understanding Mental Health at Work (Mental Health Primers)

  • MHP-I gets you started on the fundamentals of mental health literacy and psychological safety.
  • MHP-II gives you a broader range of fundamentals of mental health literacy, psychological safety, managing stress, and conversational practice.
  • Our programs are modular and flexible to suit your busy schedules. They can be run separately or combined into full-day programs.

Certified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

  • MHFA is a 9-hour certification course that prepares you to identify and support someone with mental health decline, from mild to crisis.
  • Certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Integration Coaching

  • Ad hoc sessions or coaching packages for regular touchpoints to refresh, practice and apply critical concepts tailored to your daily work experience.  
  • Tailored case studies representing your organization’s most common mental health challenges.

Certified Psychological Health and Safety (PH&S) Audit*

  • We use evidence-based, validated and versatile tools to assess your organization, leverage existing data and programs and provide insights and recommendations to improve psychological safety in your workplace. *National Standard for PH&S

Human-Centred Leadership Development

  • Integrated leadership development focused on balancing performance management and the well-being of employees. Modern leaders must focus on BOTH.
  • Our programs are modular and flexible to suit your busy schedules. They can be run separately or combined into full-day programs. 

Substance Use First Aid

  • We can’t have psychologically safe workplaces if we can’t talk about substance use.
  • Our SUFA program equips you with knowledge and tools to identify and support someone dealing with substance use issues in the workplace, including social settings.
  • Our programs are modular and flexible to suit your busy schedules. They can be run separately or combined into full-day programs. 

Mental Health Strategy

  • Fractional Chief Mental Health Officer to support organizations committed to having centralized, in-house expertise for advising, coaching, counselling, and mentoring
  • A trusted, reliable, engaged partner enhances impact, alignment, and accountability.

Case Studies

1. Bridging Values and Culture


In a large corporation, the organizational culture had deviated from its stated values, prompting a business unit director to address the misalignment and prioritize employee well-being for his unit’s 80 people (7 people managers, 73 staff).

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2. Cultivating a Psychologically Healthy Workplace


In a dynamic corporate environment, a proactive senior leader identified the need for a robust psychological health strategy within her team. When seeking support for ad hoc mental health challenges, HR directed her to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as the primary (sole) resource for mental health support. This unveiled a lack of an integrated mental health strategy, overreliance on EAP, and limited support for team leaders in fostering daily psychological well-being.

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3. Case Study: Elevating Mental Health: A Strategic Partnership


Despite a values-based commitment to mental health through existing resources like EAP, a multinational entertainment company lacked a structured approach to create, integrate, measure, and sustain a comprehensive Mental Health Strategy.

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