Mental Health Primer

Are you a leader or shift-based team pressed for time, making it impossible to commit to a full MHFA certification course? We understand your needs, and we’ve designed solutions to fit your demanding schedules.

Begin your path to Mental Health Literacy:

2 + 2 Live Session:

A virtual or in-person live session designed exclusively for you and a group of peers. This 2-hour workshop + 2-hour practice session equips you with all the fundamental tools you need. Begin understanding person-first language, grasp key concepts, and embrace the goals and objectives of integrating mental health, agency, and well-being into your organizational priorities. Learn to reduce stigma and outdated practices that hinder the efficiency and effectiveness of other investments in employee well-being.

  • Mental Health Continuum: We’re All On It
  • Change harmful to helpful: What is Stigma and How to Reduce It in the Workplace
  • Agency and Mindset: Cultivating a Growth Mindset and Leveraging Human-Centred Leadership 


Facilitated discussions, real-world scenarios, and practical exercises tailor the learning to your daily reality, ensuring you’re well-prepared to lead the charge for mental health in your workplace.

With our Mental Health Primer, you’ll gain foundational knowledge to begin making a meaningful impact while accommodating your busy schedule and giving you critical insight into the principles of our certified Mental Health First Aid program.