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Integration Coaching

Incorporate mental health learning into your workplace culture and everyday tasks. These customized practice sessions connect learning with taking responsibility and making long-lasting changes.

Increase Retention and Application of MHFA at Work

Our learning programs increase your knowledge of mental health conditions and give you greater confidence and hands-on experience in dealing with mental health at work. We help reduce stigma, increase confidence, and boost agency and community. Although meaningful and relatable case studies are part of the courses, they do not represent YOUR unique daily work experience.

Our integration sessions are designed to integrate mental health principles into your everyday workplace routines and leadership practices. Here’s how we do it:

Your Scenarios, Your Growth: Harness the power of your case scenarios to make MHP/MHFA/SUFA concepts directly applicable to your work environment. Our experienced facilitator coaches will provide invaluable coaching and guidance as you navigate these real-world scenarios.

Perfect Timing: We recommend enrolling in this session 2-4 weeks after your learning program. This helps you reflect on key concepts and prepare for real-world case studies.

Practice Makes Perfect: This session allows you to test your new language and skills with the cases you encounter in your workplace. Practical application is the key to meaningful integration.

Cultural Transformation: By bringing mental health literacy into the heart of your workplace, you’ll play a pivotal role in transforming your company culture and work processes. It’s not enough to learn stuff; it’s about making well-being a way of life in your workplace.

A prerequisite for booking this session is the completion of one of our learning programs.