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Photo: Catherine Harrison

Mental Health in Music

We have a special interest and expertise in serving the Canadian music industry.

Catherine brings a unique perspective as a musician, business owner, mental health researcher, educator, counsellor, and consultant.

Are you a member of the Canadian music industry – artist, crew, agent, employee – facing the unique challenges that make it difficult to maintain mental health and well-being?

Did you know...

In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experiences a mental illness or addiction problem.

By the time Canadians reach 40, 1 in 2 have or have had a mental illness.

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that promotion, prevention, and early intervention initiatives show positive returns on investment.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), 2021


Research shows the prevalence of mental illness is 2-3 times higher in the music industry.

Music industry professionals know it’s challenging to find balance.

Your work environment means erratic sleep, poor nutrition, unhealthy substance use, and a topsy-turvy lifestyle.

There is an expectation of always being ” on “ and not suffering the consequences.

Our solutions help you:

Reduce Stigma

Normalize talking about mental health as part of overall health and performance.

Build a Toolkit

Increase your awareness, develop and sense of agency, and learn skills that promote good mental health.

Boost Confidence

Boost your confidence in talking with someone experiencing a mental health problem or crisis.

Our mission is to improve the daily experience of music industry professionals by improving knowledge, developing skills, and cultivating a sense of agency and community.

  • Increase your knowledge of the mental health continuum (from flourishing to illness) and how to build a mental health toolkit.
  • Develop knowledge and skills to promote mental health, prevent crises, and contribute to psychologically safe work environments.
  • Decrease existing stigmatizing attitudes.
  • Improve the mental health of yourself and those around you.
  • Gain greater confidence and hands-on experience to assist someone experiencing a mental health challenge.
  • Cutting-edge research and evidence-generating approaches to support you in a tailored way.

Blog and Published Articles

A collection of short articles – experiences, commentary, and reflections

Originally published in Canadian Musician Magazine, January 2023

Edited version first published in Canadian Musician Magazine, May 2022