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Substance Use First Aid

We can’t have psychologically safe workplaces if we can’t talk about substance use. Currently, knowledge and attitudes about substance use are nebulous, ill-defined, misunderstood, and filled with cultural taboos and stigma.

In early 2024, we launched our Substance Use First Aid program, which aims to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to offer immediate assistance to individuals facing substance use challenges in the workplace. This course emphasizes awareness, reducing stigma, and creating a supportive environment.

This modular program content can be tailored to meet your scheduling needs. There is also a full-day certification program.

A 2024 report on the negative impact of substance use issues in Canada shows that we must move beyond traditional treatment approaches. Not only is our healthcare system struggling to keep up with needs, but our workplaces also suffer when problematic substance use goes unaddressed.

Businesses are the most prevalent “community partners” to any health infrastructure., and have a direct impact – positively or negatively – on the lives of their employees. 

The APA 2023 report asserts that “workplaces must become engines for psychological health and well-being.” What happens in the workplace occurs in life.

When you feel unsafe/alienated/anxious at work, you:

  • Can’t do your best

  • Have more conflict with others

  • Use substances to manage stress

  • Cultivate maladaptive behaviours and habits

  • Need more time off

  • Quit – quietly or actually

  • More prone to injury

  • Make more mistakes

  • Develop more severe health issues – physical, mental, social

  • Spiral downward

If we can change the workplace, we can change the world.

If we can’t talk about it, we can’t change it.